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Our Fokker Dr. I and Sopwith Camel models, at the VIII Contest of Static Modeling ‘Ciudad de Leganés’

Artesania Latina has recently attended another great event for the model family, in this case in Spain. In his perennial interest to know and present the novelties of the modeling market, it could not be absent from the VIII Contest of Static Modeling ‘Ciudad de Leganés’, held on March 16, 17 and 18 at the Pabellón Deportivo Europa of this city in Madrid.




The event, organized by the Modeling Association Model34 from Madrid, has had an extraordinary participation of modelers and model lovers.




On the first floor of the pavilion, in addition, medieval historical re-enactments on scale, demonstrations to teach how to paint ship models, planes models and many more miniatures; how to achieve oxides in vehicles and weathering in special ships, and which are the best complements for dioramas, among other teachings without forgetting, of course, the fantastic presentations of experts in modeling or a jury of the contest of the highest level, whose members have been one of the modelers of Artesanía Latina.


07. Fokker y Sopwith Junior


As a curiosity, the commemorative figure of the VIII Contest of Static Modeling ‘Ciudad de Leganés’ has been a well-known one for the Spaniards: the 1960 Legionnaire of Western Sahara.




On the other hand, Artesania Latina has taken advantage of such a great opportunity with so many model friends to make known two of their most recent and beautiful creations: the triplane Fokker Dr.I, Red Baron’s plane; and the biplane of the Allied Forces Sopwith Camel. Both models are made wood and metal.




The great acceptance of those assembled there has made clear the enormous work done by Artesania Latina’s modelers.




In conclusion, the three days in which the event has developed has served, above all, for model and miniature lovers to meet and share all their experiences with the construction of models… What a beautiful hobby we have!


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