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We have stock of these products for naval modeling… Again!

Happy! Again, we have stock – on June 28th – of various references of which we were out of stock and many of our friends were waiting: wooden model ships, accessories and tools for naval modeling and wood slats make up the products that our customers can already buy.mayflower-wooden-model-ship-kit

You can see the Mayflower model ship kit, now on sale!


That’s why we show you a list of all these naval modeling products to facilitate your order:


19019 – Wooden model ship kit. Juan Sebastian Elcano’s lifeboat:

22451 – Wooden model ship kit. Mayflower:

27045 – 10 Spare Blades for Cutter N1:

27301 – Micro Shapers B:

27302 – Photo Etched Steel Micro Saws Set:

29533 – Tilia Board 900x300x4mm:

8572 – Steering Wheel 20 mm:

8705 – Spanish Anchor & Trap 45x30mm:

8707 – Spanish Anchor 50x35mm (2u):

8719 – Window Frame 7x7mm:

8734 – Stern Mooring Cleats 13mm (6u):

8746 – Black Fine Net 20x350mm:

8816 – Metal Plinth Support. Keel 7mm (2u):

91122 – Birch Strip Box 2x2x914mm (25u):

91195 – Birch Strip Box 1,5x5x914mm (25u):

92065 – Walnut 0.6x5x1000 (25u):

93065 – Sapelly 0.6x5x1000mm (25u):

94104 – Birch Bar Box 4x914mm (10u):

94105 – Birch Bar Box 5x914mm (10u):

94108 – Birch Bar Box 5x914mm (10u):

11342 – Miniature Toned Bars (12u):

11343 – Miniature Toned Bars (12u):

11344 – Miniature Toned Bars (12u):

11346 – Miniature Toned Bars (12u):

11347 – Miniature Toned Bars (12u):

11350 – Heavy Toned Bars (2u):

11351 – Heavy Toned Bars (2u):

11352 – Heavy Toned Bars (2u):

99836 – Entrance Door with Glass:

99842 – Square Window:

99843 – Long Window:

99848 – Inside Door:




If you do not want to lose the opportunity to buy the items you needed, you have to hurry because … Stock flies!

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